routine contentment

It’s the typical sunday afternoon..
Or should I say evening already?
But this is how a sunday is SUPPOSED to be like.
Finish your homework at around 4 plus, then enjoy Haagen Daaz ice cream and surf pointlessly on the net..
I must admit, after you’ve had Haagen Daaz ice cream (GREEN TEA!!!), no other ice cream will taste right ever again…
How I wish I can just sit here surfing the net pointlessly while enjoing one whole PINT of ice cream.
Sadly, due to my stupid time of the month, I can’t, and just have to satisfy with a few tiny scoops…

Routine contentment- good or bad?
I mean, contentment is good, right?
Then what about ROUTINE contentment?
Is it still what we know it?
The sappy feeling of happiness and being loved that may even beat the rush of eating chocolates?
Well, I’ve never had much contentment to begin with to know the difference between contentment and routine contentment, but let’s do a scientific approach.
Contentment: the soaring of your feelings when you’re doing something you like at the right time, the right place, and with the right people.
The feeling of being loved and accepted by the people around you.
The feeling that the world is a beautiful place afterall.
The feeling that nothing can go wrong there and then.

Yup, contentment is a beautiful thing.
I get the feeling of contentment when I get a good grade in any subjuect.
When I’m online and see things I really hold a passion for.
When I’m with my friends and we’re all laughing and joking and having a good time.
When I’m with my family and we’re enjoying ourselves.
When I’m simply in a good mood!

So, what’s routine contentment then?
In my case, I’d suppose it’s seeing all my friends everyday?
In A’s case, it’d be shopping and spending money?
In DARLING’s case it’d be acting cute?LOL.
In HUNNEY’s case it’d be tanning?No lah jkjk.
In DEARDEAR’s case it’d be gawking at Hitsugaya Toushiro.
Let’s see, who else?
What about BC?
Laughing and being the life of 4L, definitely!
Mr P?
Killing us with Amaths questions and tests and watch us struggle!!
Maths is evil and the person who indulges in it is certainly EVIL as well!!!!!!!!!!!!

In any case, routine contentment is still contentment, but it comes as a given to you.
It’s like, you’re already used to it being there, you know?
Probably to the extent that you don’t realise it’s contentment to you, but now I’m telling you, it IS!!!
So it’s time to polish the glasses of obsolete that is blurring your vision.
Life is full of simple things, and these simple things CAN be beautiful, the difference is just how you view the same thing.
Is it through your glasses of scrutiny or glasses of appreciation?
You decide.
But no matter how bleak the world seems to be now, there’s still ppl around you that actually care, so you have to observe who are these ppl.

Diaoz, I feel that I’ve spoken too much, so TATA~~~


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